fireworks chest

Where is it? I received an email stating to go to the fan page.

I can’t find it either

It isn’t there. They screwed up yet again. Ugh. And don’t even get me started on the utterly lame “fireworks chest” that we get for perk 7 this week! A few wilds & some wave breakers for 750k in club points…come on!!! Add that to how all of their players were ripped off for who knows how many wilds & coins due to the totem glitch in the skies levels last week when we had double stacks & their response to complaints is that they will forward the issue to their technical team lol & it’s enough to make you wanna find a new game!

I have never received help from support I bought a 2 x large gift and never got it they say I did I didn"t I know I didn’t but can’t prove it I have never got any help it’s a laugh to call it support.

Hope you found the chest, here is the link: