Feedback on latest update!!

The new update is the worst one yet! Please get some new programmers that know what they are doing. Half the members of my club are having problems getting into the game, most are having issues staying in the game. Having to clear the cache after every three games is ridiculous. Using chat is a real problem for me, I have to close the club notes page (after clearing cache of course) chat blocks members names and cuts off sentences. Tribute rounds have been a joke. They are most assuredly NOT random. There are levels i choose not to play and you can put money on it that at least one if not two of the games will be on the island i choose not to play. As this is the section tri peaks has designated for feedback, please don’t sic your toady players on me to tell me to use your help section. In all the time I have been playing there has never been a satisfactory response, the standard is. We will look into it. Never a solution. This is the appropriate place for feedback

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Definitely send in a feedback ticket, while you are on the game click your profile picture click help than send in your feedback through there.


You can’t read! Doesn’t work!

If you are looking to vent, than yes here is a place to do it, but posting direct feedback on a forum that is not monitored by tech support is blowing smoke in the wind, a waste of your time posting which indeed is a fact. Read up on the faqs while you are on the game and there it tells you pretty much everything to do with the game. I am sorry you feel unsatisfied and I myself have had to send in the same ticket more than once, eventually it got resolved. If the help option is not working for you than send them an email