Feedback for GSN

I’m relatively new to the game but I have became addicted very quickly. Not sure what it was like before all the changes but I love it as is. I really enjoy the teams or clubs. Its fu. To be part of a competitive league as an older single parent who doesn’t have time or the same physical capabilities for sports anymore lol. My team leader of KagoLand has some great ideas though: She suggested that the team leaders AMD or co-leaders be given boosters, coins etc. To reward members of the clubs with or to gove as Incentives to reach certain goals etc. I think this is a great idea. Or possibly GSN can do this themselves given extra rewards to the highest earner of the club making the club members compete with each other as well as with other teams. For serious players this could be another fun competitive aspect. Otherwise I think this game is awesome AMD in so glad it came pre downloaded on my new phone or I provably never would have discovered it and would still be getting stuck on levels in candy cush lol


@Greg_Thompson, welcome to the forum! I too am addicted, and love your suggestions! As a leader, I would like to give our members rewards also, I would also like to share my goodies with other members in need, and would also be willing to buy gifts for certain members as rewards or for birthdays or whatever!

The best way to let GSN know your suggestions is: in the game, tap on your profile pic, top left corner, then Help, then Contact Us at the bottom of the screen. They have an option for feedback! The more people who suggest the same thing, the better. I believe the squeaky wheel gets oiled. :slight_smile: