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How about giving coins for ALL the videos, not just the daily vids


@Tam1, are you getting the pop up videos in between games, that pays nothing? I have a couple accounts, & one had that happening for about 2 months. It just went away, maybe with 1 of the updates?

Yes that’s what im talking about, why show them if you get nothing for watching them, seems like a waste to me, but thats my personal opion

That’s what I thought @Tam1,I was getting those too for a month or so, then it stopped doing that. Hopefully it stops doing that for you too, it was annoying!

Can they please get rid of the pick a prize or make the minimum 1000 coins which is what they all used to be before they started the pick a prize ?

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I find when I watch a few for coins I don’t get the ones in the middle of play.
We also need to remember the adds keep this game free.

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I find when these videos play it typically will allow you to watch the videos where you get coins.

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