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Feature request…
I want to request trifecta never had it

Not sure if this has been looked into but I’d like to see the free medallion and 2,000 coin slots in the treasure shrine replaced with something of value. The single medallion I feel like is just waiting my time and the 2k coins is ridiculous since it cost 2,500 to even play.


@Alicia_Scanga, I agree, when I win a medallion, I roll my eyes because I really want to get back to playing! LOL

@Mags, you haven’t been given the trifecta?

@CindyLu no I’ve never had it & I’ve been playing since the very beginning lolll

UGH, bummer @Mags !!

It would be nice if we could gift to our club members from our own stash… so if I have millions of coins I could share with another player on my team

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