FAIR Gem Rewards for more people

What is going on with gem rewards? It seems with each week that passes this game puts more focus on the top 10 teams and no one else exists! We’ve been successfully maintaining a top 100 team (typically about 60-80th), in hopes that
A- we are strong when club quests come back
B- you start to recognize a “top 50”, it would be easy enough to keep your giant top 10 prizes…but add a 11-25, 26-50, 51-100 division.
Think about it, this can ONLY benefit Tripeaks…as those thousands of us every day players (who play hard but have a life outside of the game), will work that much harder (and spend more), vying for a top spot.
To have the same reward from 16th-150 makes no sense at all!
In many cases the ONLY people you’re benefiting are the ones clearly manipulating your system, by account sharing or other means.
The rest of us faithful fans and players would really like to see some respect and gratitude too!


I totally agree with you!!
If you work hard with your team to be a good team it would be nice to see you have a chance to win something more sometimes just to keep the fun in playing… It feels like it all goes to top 10…
6000 gems for 1 and 3000 for 2 is RIDICULOUS!!!
You make the chances for other teams to have a WE DID IT moment to difficult this way, and that makes playing everyday less fun for them (which are wayyyyy more players then top 10 together)


I agree - While our team is fairly new (March 2018), we have been doing pretty well - BUT we all have jobs, families, etc and will probably NEVER crack the top 250 much less top 10 -
I think team leagues would be a good idea - like the red star leagues!

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That’s a good concept :slight_smile: