Facebook tiki page not seeing posts


I have tried to get support for this but wonder if anyone else is experiencing the same. I used to get rewards from Facebook nearly every day. Now I see new posts maybe once a fortnight.

The most recent posts I see on the Facebook page are update profile pic. Update cover pic, then the last reward was 13th October.

I have tried everything. Updated, deleted both aps, checked all the different tabs. If I log out I can see the new posts but can’t redeem them.

I only realised because in my club someone said about there being a new post and I couldn’t see it - so you wouldn’t know unless someone told you.

Is anyone else experiencing this or has and found a solution?

It seems either the group or fb have restricted what I see but don’t know where to get help :(. Wish the links were in here too!



Are you going through FB app? If not, try doing that, as that is how I get my freebies from their page.

You might have to go threw Tec support. They do help