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I have been scrolling through this forum, I read a post that said if we are linked to Facebook our game information is saved.
I have a game that is saved somewhere, but I can’t access because Facebook added another profile and I had to start again. I want to go back to my other profile, as I had more coins and I was reeiving 300 coins in the friend coin exchange.
How do I find it. I do have a couple of fb profiles as I have a business and my personal page.

I hope someone can help me

Very disappointing to have to start again.

Thank you,


Before the made the announcement players were able to play on the hard drive of one device with there info only saving to that device, it didNOT have to be linked to Facebook/Apple.
I currently have a account on an old device that was never linked, it is too old to link to Apple and I play my Facebook link account on a different device as I’m afraid if I sign into Facebook on the old acct I will not be able to access the phones drive game acct again.
If you are sure that all your accts are linked you can log out of the game and log out of Facebook. Then log into your next Facebook acct and Log into the game it will take a few min but if you are linked it will pull up the next acct. I will post of picture of what you see when it switches acct.
@Catherine_Ann if the acct you want to play wasn’t linked it may be lost now that you have played a Facebook linked account. I can’t prove that and @CindyLu may have more suggestions for you.


These are the pictures in order that I see when switching between Facebook logged in accts.
Reminder if you think it’s linked to your business acct try logging out of personal Facebook and the game.
Then log into business and the game if it’s linked with that acct you should see these pictures.
Good luck


@Tasha is right @Catherine_Ann, I switch accounts daily

In Facebook, log out of one account and into the other.
In TriPeaks, log out - tap on profile pic, top left corner, then Accounts
Then go ahead and log back in.

TriPeaks will load whatever FB account you are currently logged into.

Hope you find your other account!


Hi Tasha,

Those are exactly the pictures I saw, the situation is I only have one facebook account. I set up my business page from my personal page, so as far as I am aware I only have the one account. Also I have had my business page for years, so I am surprised this has happened apparently out of the blue.
I will follow the instructions you and Cindylu have posted and see how I go