Facebook login issue

Can’t login with Facebook. just started today. anyone else having this issue?

Yes, I’m having the same issue this morning!

Everyone in my team is having same issue

Hit the cancel button and it will let you play

There isn’t a cancel button… any other suggestions?

Our team can play but not log on in game with FB. STP is no longer in the list on FB under app permissions. I think its an issue on their side.

Yes me too
App not set up???
I ve been playing over two years?

Still not able to log in Z of1:50 eater time zone

I’m trying to switch accounts and cannot. It caused us to miss the tribute CQ. Using the back button allows me to use the current account but any progress made is not being saved because the account is not logged in to Facebook.

I have had significant trouble logging in. I also keep having the game close out on me.

I would prefer not to, but don’t know how to log in any different as to not lose my team, my points, etc.