Facebook links not working

Hi all. Is anyone else having issues with the ‘Free Coins’ link on the Facebook page?


Yes there are players still experiencing issues. For missing coins or boosters, place a ticket while you are on the game by clicking your profile picture than help, than the still need help, contact us. Take a screen shot of the link, and submit it, it helps speed up the process of them reimbursing you. Also have you tried the link a few times? Some it takes a few tries for it to work. Make sure your game is closed before opening the link


Can’t find link to click on, should not be this bad to get a gift. Wasted time

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Find out from your team members what thevlink was for 5k, free plays. I wouldvtake a screen shot of the post on the fan page and while you are on the game click your profile picture and than click help follow the steps from there and add the screen shot in there, they will put it in your inbox on the game

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