Facebook Friends Needed and Question

I am hurting in the coin dept.My team switched perk order and I went from diamonds to dust!!! I was a big shot. Ha! I am not giving up. But I can not afford to buy any coins or gifts for a week. I have two questions

  1. if you give/get coins does that come out of your coins bank? If it doesn’t.
  2. I am open to adding ppl just for coin purposes, I won’t comment on your page or vice versa. Strictly coin buddies. If 1 is correct please message me on here w your profile and I’ll reciprocate or vice versa. Thanks in advance.

I sent you a message. If anyone wants to add me to get your daily coins, I’m Brenda Davenport Johnson on Facebook.


Add me Karen Sylvia,I share and give coins on a daily basis!


hey, I just sat down to add folks. I am doing it so it is strictly for the game and this way if anyone differs on anything outside of the game, it is not big deal. i’ll message you on FB. if I get enough folks, i may start a group…hang tight & thank you!!


@Karen_Sylvia is your pic with puzzle pieces?

No, My moniker is Keltic Angel and you will see an Irish Angel!


great! i’ll find you. ty

@jessnc, to answer your question, when you send help coins, noting is taken from your bank :smiley:

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Add me. Unfortunately my name is Susan Johnson and I think there’s 100’s of them. If you give me your name I can friend request you first.


@Karen_Sylvia believe it or not, there are several Keltic Angels with Irish angel pics! :shamrock:️:four_leaf_clover::innocent: PM me your profile vurl, and I will add you.

Jessica,go to FB Solitaire Tri Peaks web site and type my name Karen Sylvia. I will show as an angel. Best of Luck, the. Site provides the coins.


Add me for daily coin swapping on FB…i’m Vera Lang…xoxo


done! nice to meet you!

Karen, finally I found you!!! :slight_smile:

Let’s share coins!:fireworks:

Hi, You can add me to your Facebook for coins: Melody Failmezger

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Of course. Request has been sent.:slight_smile:

Also, you can add as many TriPeaks friends as you want and if you don’t want to see all their posts, simply “unfollow” them. (NOT the same as unfriending) You will still continue to be able to send and receive coins from them. Actually, I enjoy the posts from some of my new TriPeaks coin buddies so much that I look forward to their posts even though I don’t know them personally!


Rheanna Combs please add me for coins. Thank u

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Susan please add me. I am Lanelle Helms on Fb. I play every day!

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