Facebook coins and boosters

Facebook link for coins and gifts No longer open. Click link. Game loads. Then nothing. Suggestions?

Same happened to me after latest update. Their only suggestion seems to be making sure you shut the game down before trying the links, but makes no difference at all.

This was posted on FB recently by chance are you a a amazon user?
Hi Folks - if you’re using an Amazon device, the Freebie Links might not work. We’re working on a fix for that, and once we’ve implemented it, you’ll be able to come back for the Freebies. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Have faith you can return later when they fixed and collect them :slightly_smiling_face:


I had same issue…try this:
in game go to your inbox upper right side.
then go to news tab. bottom note"be a Facebook friend"
hit view.
then like us…takes u right to free stuff!

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