Extremely slow loading of games

Is anyone else having trouble with games loading this has been happening to me since yesterday the little whirligig thing as a game loads just sits there spinning it is so annoying


Yes, I’ve noticed that too. Not just loading the game, but after I get in, and try to load something where data is needed from their server - club league, friend center, etc.

I just close down the game completely and open it again.


Same here, After reload it will be OK for a couple of games then go back to laggity, lag again. I’ve tried clearing cache etc but it hasn’t helped. Maybe their server is overloaded, whatever the problem it is very frustrating


Iv noticed this also.
I did the same I close the game reinstall
Also clear safari/data.
I also shut my device completely down over night to see if that would help. …I’m on the fence if that helped or not yet🤣
It is very frustrating as before I could pop for a round of tributes be done in 5min it’s taking anywhere from 15-20 min for a round if this happens.


I have been having trouble too Pauline. I also just close the game and open it again. Sometimes I am able to get a few things done like collecting coins and reading chat notes and then when I go to the friend center if it will get hung up. Once again, I close the game and open again.


I usually have trouble late at night the most, around 12:00am EST.

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There servers are definitely over loaded there must be millions of players around the world trying to get in. They can only handle so many at the same time. I am lucky to play 4 games or so than I get thrown out and have to try and get back in again this goes on everyday. There is nothing more frustrating when this happens at the end of a game before u get your points. Or just before your about to win and u have used coins and boosters and u loose all of that.
The worst is when you open a chest an it shuts down just before it gives you the contents. Sometimes u don’t get them. You have to know what u have before opening one to see if anything has been added. Also the cards have been worst lately.

You have a run of 5 or 6low cards and you guest it nothing but high cards come for 10 cards.

They are messing up this game.

This is happening way too often to many, many players. Report it but the game is in denial. They will give you the same things to do that you have probably already done. They need to fix the unstable game, not tell you to check your network connection, make sure you are running the latest version - blame everything else but their game that is so overloaded with features that it no longer functions without crashing.