Extra coins playing other Sponsors games

I don’t understand I played the promotional games for extra coins. No coins

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I myself have not done it, but from past experience it can take a day to get them. I have also read players not getting the credit at all. Not sure if it would work, but try and put a ticket in through support. While you are logged on to the game, click your profile picture and than click help, start a ticket that way


From my understanding it can take a day or two to process the reward, after you have met the requirment of whatever game, surveys, etc. you chose [for example, some games being promoted may require that you are a new player and reach a certain level].


It can take a day or so to get coins. I stopped doing it. Got warnings that the sites they were sending me to were not secure……


Same here… I also did not receive coins after completing. I was told they are third party vendors and I was to contact them. Still no coins.

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I got that this morning. So why promote these games and carry no
responsibility of our rewards. We would play them if we didn’t get something for Tripeak

The same. I get text and email from everywhere now. So why promote this??

It’s not worth it. I had screen shots etc and reported numerous times. Nothing.

I have gotten the promised coins from 3 different games so far. The one that I had issues with was Blast Masters. I got the first 3 pwrize levels but did not get the coins I earned for the last two, over 1million coins!! I tried contacting the in-game help and also thecompany that manages the feature but no luck.

Wellbat the beginning i tried for extra coins …i still one of the games. Never got coins for completing task. Then I form a opinion about TP. How can TP promote these games that don’t honor the reward. Well TP is the same… Integrity is what i call it. So I dont buy as much or play odd games…

I’ve been waiting on the coins owed to me for completing the second task of a 2 task challenge for over 2 mos. They did give me the coins for the first completed task, I am having a hard time believing there’s a problem verifying the completed 2nd task now… I’ve given up hope on receiving what I earned fair and square…

Tripeaks gets paid to promote them. They dont care about the players anymore.