Ex co leader tried to destroy club

PLEASE be on the lookout for Mrswhynothill, her real name is Cynthia, she tried to take over my club and when I asked her to please find another club she deleted a third of my club members before I could remove her!!! Shes awful!! Do NOT let her into your club!

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Crazy, she seemed nice joined our club the other day put on our min… 5k b4 idle …then left w no reason … weird…but I friended her for coins maybe that’s not a good idea. Thanks for your input… sorry for the loss of your team …better luck to you.

Fortunately we were able to get most of our team back, I would recommend unfriending her, she apparently has done this before, and purposely tries to cause drama and trouble. We have heard from other club leaders.

She was a piece of work!

If she was a co, the leader should have demoted her before asking her to leave. Not to mention you didn’t have to wait for her to leave, could have just booted her. Hellloooo?!

She sounds like fun :-/