Events w/o Club Points

This game places a lot of emphasis on teams, joining a team and working as a team to earn perks, club quests and moving up in the league standings. So why are so many of the events designed not to give club points? It seems counter productive. Your’e using resources for that event that doesn’t help the club! What is so difficult about allowing each event to give club points?


I suspect it’s because then some people will just play those events and not the main game.

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@Dane_Battiest, I’ve wondered the same thing. I know there are many people who choose not to join a club, but just line playing regular hands, it would be nice if those who need club points would earn them playing these games


Maybe so, but not true with the Club Competition since that game is not constantly going like some others.

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My thoughts exactly!! All games should contribute to the team’s bottom line if you are playing with/for a team!