Events booster rewards

Why is it that lately the only booster rewards are trap torches? It’s very rare to get bomb diffusers or any other boosters. Other boosters were given regularly but now now. What’s up with that? If I already have 27 trap torches I don’t need any more for a few days!


Trap torches are awarded a lot.
Agree you hardly ever see a challenge for shark hooks. :frowning:


I love that it’s always trap torches! It seems like that’s the most used booster, so I’m always needing more.


I use more trap torches than anything else. I’m glad they are :blush:


I regularly (weekly) buy the 99 booster pack and have hundreds of bomb diffusers, trap torches, etc. What that package includes the least of is shark hooks. I’m always running short of those. It would be nice to be able to win some in the challenges / events


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They are in the gold star reward chests

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They never give the option to buy/earn enough boosters as needed. Not unless you use real money. And/or in a club, in which you have to play & win the cc. Even then, IF, & only if you win, 1st only wins enough ‘gems’ to buy 2 sets of 5pk boosters. Not really worth the time & effort.
Let’s not forget how they have ‘updated’ game to where you almost ALWAYS have to use MORE than you win. Even though you win a game, you end up losing. I’d say I win 1 out of 15, without having to use extra cards, boosters, or special cards.
Been playing for 6 months. Game was fun, the first couple of months. Now, I only play, to help out club mates. NO real ENJOYMENT playing anymore. Tend to remove/delete game soon.
Looking for a replacement game to play.