Event center...I don't like it

I was chosen to have the event center in my screen.i don’t like it. It pops up on my screen at every turn. It takes up space where rescue mission was…and rescue mission is on the right side now. I don’t want the rescue mission either…it contributes absolutely nothing to the game. It’s all TOO CLUTTERED AND REDUNDANT… soooooo unnecessary. Please remove it since it is only a “test”


I wrote a thread too. I hate it…


Same here! This new event center slows down the game play. If your trying to beat A timer you will never do it. I hope the game gurus read this and don’t implement this new obstruction.


Could you post a picture . I seen players chatting about it on my team but I was not chosen to test.
Thank you.


Ugh. Same here. Yesterday with treasure match (FINALLY!) my screen was so cluttered. The only feature that is helpful is the bar at the top that shows you how many boosters/wilds/volcanos/free plays you have before you get into a level. Other than that, take the rest of it and toss it in to the garbage.

Edit: I take what I said above back. It’s not worth being able to see wild cards you have. I just entered the Great Race and instead it the coins I get being applied towards the race from any level played it has to now be special levels played like the scavenger hunts. Only worse because there’s no little icon to follow them around so you’re forced to play the new levels first. So you can’t get tributes and coins towards the great race at the same time like before.



So you can see the club points you earned per level and the tribute meter is not there either…
If you earned red stars or yellow…
I’m not sure how fond of this I would be.
Thanks for the picture.

I totally agree!! Get rid of that stupid event center!!! It’s annoying and doesn’t help with anything it SUCKS!!!

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I have the Event Center, and so far I’m loving it.

@Tasha, it appears instead of the quest progress screen. After the tally screen (that’s what I call it) - that shows the yellow & red stars, club points and how many tributes are still available - you can choose to close the tally screen, go to the next level, or Find the next tribute - then the event center screen appears.

@Deborah_Duffin, I haven’t tried this yet on this screen, but when I was trying to beat the clock, and didn’t want to wait for the quest progress screen to load, I hit my back button on my phone, which closed the screen before it finished loading. I’ll try that when I play later and let you know if it works. Or, you try it, and let us know if it works (if you geta chance before I do) :slight_smile:

I LOVE being able to see my boosters. I have suggested it to TriPeaks (more than once lol). It would make it so convenient when deciding which quests to do. To know which boosters I’m low on first, without actually finding a level that uses that booster, or starting a hand to see volcanos and wilds.


I agree it seems to take more time up too. Also with this new set up I can’t go back to figure out what I need for the club quest.

Yes, I have the even center and I like it! For those that say it clutters the screen, you can move the main page around, when I 1st opened it,the event center was parked right on an island, but I moved my main screen and it’s fine, as for game play, it has not slowed down my device at all, however when the quests open, if they could slow down just a smidge more to see my progress on my team quest, it does not stop long enough for me to see what I have contributed, and YAY I can finally see how many boosters I have!! That I have been harassing them to do that for ages! Slowly but surely some progress!


Lol… I go to different levels to take a tally on boosters I have —that takes some time,
It would be great to see all boosters you have on one screen


Same here i hate remove me from it

@Camperland, I’m curious, what did you not like about it?

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I dont see my progress as i used to . There is no benefit from it ,it advances me to games where i dont want to go and keeps repeating same game because i didnt win it. Also the game in general are rigged so we cant win . There something wrong when you r leaving 17 cards left to play and no matter how many ex. Cards u buy still can’t win . This is a lot x

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Ok @Camperland, Thank you for getting back to me! Try this:

You said it advances you to to games you don’t want to play. And you really didn’t like that hand. I’ve had hands like that too! If it’s suggesting a scaventure hunt hand, or something you don’t want to play, don’t press the “Go button”, tap the X in the top right corner instead. That should take you to where you thought you were going when you finished your last hand.

Everything else should be similar to the the Quest progress screen, and only an information screen between hands.


I don’t like it either. I find it very distracting. And it makes it harder to figure out what is necessary for the quests.