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Any ideas on how to reach your Club Members so they read the Messages and Notice board. Myself and the Co-Leaders have been sending messages in the chat, attempted to set goals for the Club where we will purchase Club chest rewards etc. No one has participated in the chat and I don’t think they are reading the. Notice board. We have done all of the obvious for example we have posted on our Club motto, centre club gifts and posted about participation and and for the first person that starts participating in the chat and unlocks the Gem rewards will be prompted to a Co-Leader. It is a shame there is no option to direct messages to friends but especially to Team Members, or even a notification that pops up for them to read notices and messages. A way to check off you have read a notice would let us know they were at least reading them. Any Ideas from anyone to improve engagement so we can improve as a team was be appreciated. Thanks :upside_down_face:

I absolutely have sent the exact thing through feedback, I have high hopes that soon there will be a solution to this, there isn’t anything more you can do other than keep those fingers crossed! I had also asked that they make it once you open the game app that the club notes pop up immediately. I see that they did change that when you open chat club notes open at the same time, but that only works when players actively read chat.


We have the same problem. Communication is not our strong suit. Can be a bit of a problem. No idea how to resolve it.

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Do you know how we send messages to the Club Inbox?

It can’t even be rated for us as no one has ever participated in the chat, which leads me to assume nobody even reads it let alone the club notices.

There is no option for that, the inbox is for recieved rewards, invites to other clubs and game news

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