Enable Chat in the treasure shrine please!

Please enable chat while inside the treasure shrine.


I like to build up coins and then play the shrine for a while at a time. I hate to miss out on questions coming through on chat. Game shows I’m active, so people don’t know why I’m not responding,… because I can’t see the chat!


I would like to see chat available no matter what I’m doing. When I’m in the inbox, sharing & receiving coins, collecting bonuses, etc, I can tell someone posted in chat, & then I need to choose. It’s not that big of deal, but I think “Anywhere chat” would streamline the process :smile:


You get in the groove chasing wild cards and 1,000,000 next thing you know your team went to bed and turned the lights out cause you werent talking… please put chat in the shrine !!

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Treasure shrine is a joke.My medallion goes down where wild card is.it always hits center of cart then bounces back up and moves and then get a wild card😑