Emerald Search is a SCAM

The new emerald search is a total scam. Played over 50 games to complete it and the chest barely covered a third of what i lost. Sometimes I played the same game and I would clear all but 2 cards and only get 2 emeralds but other times I would clear less cards but get more Emeralds. And I had multiple games where I got zero emeralds. That is the most BS of all. You should at least get one emerald for wasting 3000 coins. Is there any rhym or reason for when you get emeralds? It seems like it is all over the place.


I gave up. I played 15 games and got 10 emeralds. The hands were also weak in payout. Sadly, Not worth it for me.

I activated the game and turned my nose up once I realized it was the scavenger hunt. I played to 28 gems and called it a wash.

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I quit all “lost”, “scavenger hunt”, and “emerald” games . payout not worth the cost or time

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