Easy-going club seeks new players: Closed

Going up is looking for a player or two who can bring in around 20-25k each period. Fairly relaxed about absence, just post in the chat if you are going to be unavailable for a while. If you play regularly but can’t commit to every day, then “Going up” could be the club for you. One more place has become available, so please apply to join if interested.
Thank you.

Hi. I am interested in the Going Up Card club. I score about 7-8k/week. Help with club quests. Strong player with healthy balance but life very time consuming these days.

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Hi bobbie. My post does specify that we are looking for 20-25k players, but we do have a couple of spaces free, so apply to “Going up” and you will be accepted unless they have been filled by then.

One space available for 20-25k player.