Double Gift Suggestion

I love when y’all do double gifts as well as the charity gifts. I enjoy giving them and receiving them. If there is anyway to let us know on the Facebook page and forum the night before, that would rock. I buy Google Play Gift Cards or put some of my pocket fun money in a prepaid to fund my paypal, I know from a few friends I am not alone in having to kinda shuffle funds bc others in our life don’t understand why we may want to spend real money on fake money. It falls under the “luxury,” column for me. thanks!


Giving advanced warning on Facebook and the forum is a great idea! It could even be several days before. My team goes nuts when they come out!


Great idea Jess! Hope they hear you! Did you also make this suggestion using the Help button in the game?


No, bc like I’ve reported bugs with no expectations, just to let them know and I get canned response when none was needed…like I wasn’t asking got help, so it seems futile

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They were probably just letting you know they received your report.

If they get many suggestions asking for the same thing, they’ll listen more, so everyone should send them suggestions. There is even a chance that if the get a great suggestion from 1 person, they will consider it!

You are somebody!!

And everyone, if you see a suggestion on this forum that you really like, we should all write and tell them we want it!


I totally hear you, that’s all I ask for this year from my husband. I told if he gives me money I can spend it how I really want to! :wink: