Double Gift Box Jumpers

Has anyone had new players join to collect Double Gift boxes and then leave abruptly?
This happened to my Club today!
Utterly disgusted!
Shame on them!


Haven’t had this happen but how awful for your club!

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@Rhonda_Follis, I know it might seem that way, but I have more than 1 account and have tested that. Anyone who was not a member when when the gift was bought, does not receive the gift.

I’ve noticed people who join and leave, and have not been able to figure out why!


@CindyLu That’s the thing, they joined right after the Double was announced. They played and stayed for an hour or so after the gifts started rolling in. Then after 6 or more were bought, they left. We went back to invite only right after. It was just shocking to me.

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Hopefully they at least sent thanks :blush:…the gift buyer gets coins that way …so I would see it as a profit to the members who did send gifts… they got a extra thanks even tho your team isn’t full…:woman_shrugging:t2:

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@Tasha They did not send thanks before they left. I assume they will when they open the boxes, but it won’t show in chat. Hopefully, the purchasers will get their coins. No real way to know.

Oh :open_mouth: bummer …

Was his name kevin? Lots of gold stars, crystal core, etc?

Hi @Shaunna67!
Screen name was Trib Hunter.

@CindyLu They were in when the gifts were being bought, then they left.

So, they join a team hoping someone will buy a gift while they are there, and before they leave? That’s pretty good timing. I imagine they will never feel at home anywhere. They lose in the end run. Hopefully they hit Thanks (although, now they don’t have a choice!)


Yes it has happened to my team. How sad. Just make sure you’re not public when double gifts pop up now.

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@CindyLu Yes and there are unscrupulous people out there. No way to know if the thanks goes through if they leave. So awful…:unamused:

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It does @Rhonda_Follis, as soon as they hit Thanks, the gift giver gets their due. They can be on their merry way if they aren’t going to help, as far as I’m concerned.

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I was on a team shortly after I started playing over a year ago and I bought gifts and I ended up leaving that club before I got the thank you coins and I did get them but it took awhile because some of those players didn’t play very ofter. I actually remember about a month after I got some coins and couldn’t figure out where they came from then I had the ah ha moment lol. Also once you open any Gift there is only the “Thank you” button there is no ( X ) button to close it so they’ll get the thank you coins once they do open the the gift :slight_smile: