Double Diamond Chest

Had gems saved up so I decided to buy the double diamond chest…it shows the value to range from 69,500-200,000 but my coins didn’t even increase 34,000! I’m majorly disappointed. I was hoping to have gotten 69,500. Did I misunderstand?

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Yes, you did misunderstand. The value of the chests is 69500 to 200k, not the coins received. The game assigns the booster cards to some value converts to coins and those are included as part of thr 69k to 200k valuation. So for example, cards like free play and bomb defusers are presumably values at around 3kish and 6kish, respectively.

At 34k that’s a slightly below average coins received for a double diamond chest.

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Got the double diamond chest with gems & it was great. 1/2 hr free play, boosters, few wilds & coin. Thought I’d get another & was very disappointed. Just never know what you’re going to get