Don't make sense

This is my favorite game. The problem is they want you to play a island let’s say play 7 games and you get 4000 coins. To me it don’t make sense and if it don’t make coins it don’t make sense. You play 3000 a game 7 x’s 3000 is 21000 coins but you only win 4000 coins and whatever you get from winning a game which is often but not guaranteed. It don’t make sense so I don’t play those. If it’s 45,000 coins I’ll play those cause it makes sense to me. I however really enjoy the new features the 30 minutes free play I was clicking lol. I wish they had something to save your free plays cause sometimes you don’t want to use it. All in all a Great Game.


When you have the quest to play 7 games for 4000 coins, I usually play the first game (level 1). It only requires 100 to play that one and you profit in the long run.


Yes I do that sometimes just to continue the game because I love it so much.

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