DONT LIKE THE CHANGES? Change your google play review

Want to get your point across about all these changes they are making? Change your google play review. Discouraging new players from joining will cost them money, then MAYBE they will get the point.

Lowering a bunch of levels, changing the shrine, lowering friend coins, making games difficult to win, forcing boosters, trying to force people to buy buy buy. The game has seen alot of changes in the time I’ve been playing and none of them benefit the player, just the company making the profit.


How do we change this. I don’t know where to go to do this

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Go to the Google Play Store, find Solitaire Tripeaks and where it says rating, you rate them a 1.


Going to change my Review RIGHT NOW! Thanks for the reminder that we have that Option!

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Check out the post…FRIEND CENTER PETITION…send a msg by a 1 DAY NO PLAY on 1/31/20!

Too bad they don’t offer a 0 or negative stars

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I already quit the game…uninstalled completely.

I agree, I have lost more silver, with all these new changes, dont like them at all, and if I keep loosing the silver I gain I will be quiting