Does Bluestacks allow us to get the daily gift?

I play tiki solitaire tri peaks on my laptop in addition to my iOS.
Last year I remember that I would log into my husbands Facebook to try to get all of the gifts that I was getting using my smart phone. It didn’t work.
I am hoping now that at least if we are using Bluestacks (I think that’s the only way to play tri peaks on laptop) I am hoping that we can at least get the daily gift. Does anybody else play on their laptop using Bluestacks? And do you know more information than I do? :crazy_face::blush::innocent:
Thank you!

I’ve been playing for over 4 years. Please tell me what us BLUE STACKS? It’s the 1st time I’ve heard about it.
Also, I absolutely hate the new chat box!! :upside_down_face:

Bluestacks is a program that allows you to play google play games on a laptop.