Do you have a HUGH JAYNUS? We Do!!

Now that I have your attention… we actually do have a club member named Hugh Jaynus and he ROCKS the points and tributes. We also have me, “RoadPickle”, and “Home Sweet Home”… yes home sweet home!

But we need another member with a cool name! Is that YOU? Can you rack up JAYNUS sized points? Burn up tributes like a Habanero PICKLE? Ready to call our club your new HOME SWEET HOME?

We also have our own Facebook Messenger Group for fun (and steamy hot) chat where Tripeaks cops can’t see us! Only join if you’re ambitious or maniacal about tapping cards, can max out a club quest like Sheldon Cooper, and make a volcano go down like my sister-in-law.

Our club: Best Buds (the Diamond level club)

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