Do you even listen to us??

It appears you do not listen to your players!!! This game has definitely went down the drain over the last 6 months BIG TIME!! I refuse to pay for coins or any of your over priced packages anymore!!! It’s turning into a JOKE. You are going to lose a lot of devoted players who play all day, throughout the day for years. That is so sad that you all do NOT listen to your players!! We have been complaining about scavenger hunt since it came out. And I KNOW you can see the low number of players that participate. I have not been winning on tributes much at all anymore. The quests are ridiculously difficult for the prize earned IF its completed! I personally do not have very much fun in this game now. What is the use in playing? It appears to be their goal to make the game suck more, NOT improve it!!!
My average amount of coins has went down immensely since all of these changes took place! It is more of a stress to play then a time to relax, unwind and have fun doing something I USED TO enjoy! If something doesn’t change soon (via listening to your players), I will be leaving this game for good. I am certain COUNTLESS others will do the same!! Get your poop in a group Tripeaks!!!


This is very true and well said Tina :grinning:


Unfortunately the bottom line is $$ and I’ve told them as much! I know they are doing this to see how many more people they can get to spend cash.
I’ve been online since ‘97 and have never spent a red cent on a game, if I can’t play without spending money then I’ll just delete it. I have better things to spend my hard earned cash on! And this wouldn’t be the first game I’ve deleted either…


I had a cousin that did the same thing with Candy Crush. And I am about to do the same with this game. I will not buy coins, I am trying not to buy wild cards, but without them, you can’t win games (or fewer games) since they decided to get greedy.


Any problem we have if you give anything to us is10,000coins it doesn’t replace the problem that happens

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I agree! I also been losing a lot of coins , I be been stuck on 1 game for 3 days due to me needing to use over 50,000 coins for just 1 more card to complete. I agree with everything you said!! Frustrating​:rage::rage:

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It’s sux cuz it’s such a great game. I recently made a new nic. This one is getting the 15k coins every 4 hrs. In the shrine the setup is totally different. No longer medallions, no boosters. There are two 500 coins, two 2000k coins, 2 wild, one? (assuming it’s a booster, but unsure, and 2 free plays. What a crock!!!

Yes. Cards have been horrible and requiring me to spend way too many coins to win a level! So close to being done! But I just love it. They really don’t care what we say. They made all these changes, but cannot fix the glitches and messed up parts that the game already has!

I totally agree. I have to wait 8hours to ask for coins.crazy!