Do perk amounts change?

Hi. Im a leader of a club and noticed something odd. I know that the perk amts change from week to week based on perk 4 with a wild and perk 6 with a volcano, but this week has neither. So the total should be 585k. Then we get the bonus perk which is 85k, making the total 660k. My club has 735k right now and we havent completed perk 7, why? The numbers dont add up.

Ok, i just realized what it is. My club finished last perk 2 days prior to bonus perk, so i can’t count the pts in between. I have to start counting when the bonus is released. So, now my question is, how do you leaders keep track of where your team is when the bonus perk starts? Im not on all day long, so i may not see it until later in the day.

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I have found the extra perks come around 12 noon central time.
Just depends on what day…

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I just look at our score in the League Tournament and add the Extra Perk amount to that. It may be off by some, but not much. If you can’t be on at that time, ask one of your Co-Leaders to be on task with it.