Dismissing quests

With now needing to ‘dismiss’ unfinished quests, is it possible to then ‘accept’ the next quest when one has time to play instead of missing out?

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I don’t have that yet, I can’t to hear the answer!

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Don’t dismiss until you are ready to play the next quest. Also, don’t “collect reward” until you are ready for next quest.


Having to dismiss quest or claim it is great. Now I just don’t do anything until I am ready to play again!! Great job Solitaire tripeaks!!


I agree, it is a nice addition now that I know not to claim one until ready to begin another!

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I LOVE this feature!!! I always hated missing out on quests because i didn’t have the time to sit & play straight thru!

Twice now I have finished a quest, waited a few hours then tried to collect the reward. Both times it appeared to work but actually the reward never appeared. I love the new feature but I think there are still some bugs to work out…

Anybody else having this problem?

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I’m having this issue too - 3 times now for me. I usually complete a quest or two on my lunch break at work and I’ve been waiting a few hours to collect until I know I can complete another quest.

Great idea, but definitely some bugs. At least they’ve been responsive to the help tickets.

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You all make solid points but, if I complete a quest and I have a bit of time to play, but not enough to complete an hour long quest but it would be nice to accumulate cards or points for a 12 hour challenge, it would be great to be able to to “accept” or delay a quest. Make sense?

Same thing happened to me

I also am having problems with collecting quests later. It looks like i collect but my coins stay the same. Several of my club members are also having this problem. If i collect right away its no problem so basically theres no change for me. I have lost several thousand coins from completed quests. It is a great concept. I wish it worked for me