Direct messages to team members

It would be great if we could send messages to our team members directly. Ideally it would be good to have this option for friends as well but as a team being able to send direct messages they receive notifications for would help immensely.


Si, pero que diese la opción de leer en más idiomas

¿No detecta el país en el que se encuentra y le muestra automáticamente el juego y los mensajes en el idioma y dialecto local de la región?

You could use a tiki theme facebook page to communicate and repost from the original to communicate and " inform "…

Our team made a Facebook page. We can then also talk about levels that work for us with high payout without the game figuring it out to take the payout away. They have been terrible about that in the past.



I know the Facebook icon you’re referring to. Can you explain to me though what you mean?

I truly fell it dosnt matter where you talk about the best paying out levels,… because the game is data driven
Which means each level has a counter and when players play the same level over and over they are ranked top on the list …this alerts developers and it gets changed up a bit …just my opinion and I could be wrong but Wrong
Good luck to you and your Facebook group :slightly_smiling_face:


In-house team messages or a poke would Awesome …


Hi I just wanna ask what button I will click to ask my members to get more tributes if the volcano is about to erupt.

Welcome @Marilyn_Duvall to the forum.
For in game communication you could use the chat board, or the club note board.
Chat board**There is a small arrow on the right side of the screen (white with orange and 3 dots will bubble there if a post is in the chat board you haven’t read yet)
Best of luck

An ability to send messages to team members would be great! Some of our members don’t read chat. We miss out on the shovel dig and some other things we discuss on chat!


Hi yes and if all my team members send coins knot just ask and don’t give them I delete u thank u have a grate day GOD bless

being able to message other members of our club on an individual basis. i feel this would help with some communications between members on a separate message board because sometimes its easer to talk in private versus public. this is defiantly possible since it was done in the early days on sites like MSNG or AOL

We set up a fb chat room all of our members are I it. So much easier than trying to say everything in the club chat