Different rules for club quests

Have you noticed that not all club members receive the rewards for the new club quests? My team completed one while I was at work. Got nothing but a “Dismiss Quest” button. One member logged on when we were almost finished with a quest to win games. Even though he won the last two, he got nothing because he didn’t max.

Pretty demotivating for the club over all

I haven’t noticed that yet, I’ll have to not max and see what happens. I hope that was a glitch and not the rule. The way they state "at least x (number of) members, it sounds like not every one has to max.


Marlene, I agree not everyone will benefit from the club quests. If you don’t play and max, you are out. But, I like that. Participation is key. You are not going to benefit from every club quest just like you are not going to win every game. Those who play the most will benfit and those who dont wont. I know there will be those that disagree but i call it leveling the playing field.


I am thinking that you don’t get the benefit of the quest if you don’t “contribute”. I don’t think you have to max, just have made some contribution to the winning of the quest.

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I can certainly be wrong but i do know that i started playing late in a club quest, did not max and did not receive any reward. Don’t know if I met any of the required criteria before the quest was over but i may have? We will all figure it out! I am glad it is back.


I’m on a different time zone so I miss out completely on quests. They start at my night and when I play the next day they’re all gone. Very disappointing :frowning:

Ok, I started late in the club quest. The club only needed a member to win 2 more games to complete the quest (and had 16:44 hours to do it @Katie_Spiks, so they give plenty of time). I won my 2 games, and was able to collect. So I didn’t need to max (28 games / 7 members would have been win 4 to max), and I received the prize too. I’m thinking if you are getting anything different, or not getting them at all, you need to report it. :slight_smile:

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Katie, maybe they changed it. I am in a normal time zone, but woke this morning and had missed a quest completely. Perhaps they have put some in the wee hour times.