Different game?

Anyone found a game that is comparable to the og solitaire tripeaks? I’m tired of being robbed.

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Then dont spend money on the game. Technically you’re not being robbed. No one forces you to spend money, if you are spending money. Just try to play more efficiently. Skip tough levels, dont use buy more and find yourself a good team (platinum or higher)!


If you go to your apps and search solitaire you will find loads of cool and similar games.

I’ve looked. I haven’t found one with the team effort though. I’ll miss my club; they are so great!

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I tried many tripeaks games before finding this one (tripeaks was my favorite game on pogo many years ago) - since finding this version, I’m now addicted and play daily. One thing that keeps me playing GSN TriPeaks is all the variations and different aspects they have included. I don’t think I could go back to playing the same hand setup, no extra rewards, & no interaction with other players.


I have team members that say they have a"test"version of the game…is this right??