Did Expert Level 131 just get shanked?

Noticed this evening (11:45 PM CST) that Expert Level 131 is no longer paying out the massive coin and club points it used to. Curious if anyone else is seeing the same thing.

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yep…my club is irate this morning

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Totally trashed 131 :))

Yes, they have removed level that helped us recoup our losses

Yes. I’ve noticed that as well and they’ve made the game impossible to solve without extra cards and 6000 for extra help.

This has happened on several “helpful” levels. they have all been tweaked to no longer benefit us.

When levels like 131 are mentioned in any of these forums the powers that be reprogram them. I had 2 great levels I was using that someone else bragged about and that was the end of that. So “mums” the word.

Expert 131 has been “out there” forever. Even I knew about it, long before I saw it on FB.

Yep, I’ve also seen they’re putting a limit on how many times someone can collect from a tribute quest. This will stop people from being able to help other clubs.
Part of the response from ST I read said “in the interest of fairness”
Well, in the interest of fairness ST…stop altering the game!!
Stop changing the high paying levels, it’s how most of us rebuild our coins for things like…THE TRIBUTE CHASER
I’m curious if the people in charge of “deciding on changes” actually play, like the rest of us, on a team and not their “controlled test play” smh

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