Diamond Team needs you!

Take a break, diamond league are looking for a couple of great players. We get all 7 perks and the golden tiki by Saturday. We are looking for players who are willing to work towards the same goal as the rest of us…maxing the quests and getting the perks. Our minimums are low as life/illness can get in the way. 28k per week, must max tribute quest and help/max with the other quests, max idle is 22hrs. Join us you won’t be disappointed. :slight_smile:


How do I join? Looking for a team that will keep me on my toes. I’m able to play often, daily, quite a few times a day. Looking to join a team that is more active tbh

Im interested in joining

Great :slight_smile: we will have space at reset. Send a request to join if you are still interested and haven’t already found a new team :slight_smile:

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