Diamond team looking for a few Gems

We’re a top 10 club looking for a few competitive players. New members: 4k before Idle. 8k CPs & 50 tributes per day. Must max club quests, communicate & help cool the volcano.

We’re on pace to have the Golden Tiki (perk 6) by Friday night.

Little gems is our club. :gem:

I don’t always get 50 tributes a day… it depends… I average 50k a week… i average 400 tributes a week…
Jaymac is my screen name send an invite

I also don’t want to just be a club member. Am looking to move up

Im in a new club now but we have a member taking a break after reset.
Club is Perk Masters.
I need to know what club you’re in to send an invite on Thursday.

*if you’re looking to become a co-leader we might not be the club for you.