Diamond / Legend team looking to boost ranks

Looking to boost our Team with different time zone players.
We are a Solid Diamond league getting all perks and bonus perk 7 .every tournament!
We are Super Stars

Super Stars has a great set of established players.
-will have openings at tournament reset
…2 spaces now!
5kb4 is idle
6.5k daily/40 tributes
Sunday minimum
Max club quest
Come check us out-Super Stars

have been in the top 100 regularly,…we lost some international players recently. Join and help us grow.

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My only problem is that I play hard and pretty consistently but I have health issues that happen to me and will basically knock me down for couple days every 3-4 weeks. I literally can’t come on to even say I’m having issues because the meds knock me out for 24-48 hours. So I keep getting put out because of 24 hours idle that can’t be helped. I have been playing several years and do spend money in the game to further myself as well as my club. Wish I could get into a good club and stay preferably with the understanding that if I “disappeared” it’s not due to choice :grin:

Thank you for you reply Iv sent you a message :smiley: that may help you out.

Super Stars Diamond league is still looking for great players to boost our ranks… come check us out!

We still need dedicated daily players!

Made it back into legend! We could still use a diversity of time zone players. Check us out!
Club name - Super Stars
5kb4 1st idle is a must

Bumping this post up :grinning:still on the look out for great player
Back to diamond we went
Please check us out
Opening at reset send your request to get a auto into the club after reset .

4 openings actually.

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Super Stars minimums have been slightly altered
60 daily tributes
We are still looking for time zone players so if you would like to join-place your country in with your name and send a request to join :)) Super Stars

Im having trouble finding your club…

Players have left this club, sorry for any inconvenience.
Good luck to you.