Diamond League Team

tiki fire currently has an opening for a new player. We only ask that you achieve 12K points by Monday and 25,000 by Thursday and work on club quests. One more thing, if interested and send an invite, make sure you spell it exactly as I have: tiki fire.


I’m interested in moving to your club

I am sorry, I think someone took the spot already.

We have a spot open for you cw11240. We ask for 10k by Sunday night (looking to change it), 35k weekly and 15 hours idle bye bye. If interested please let me know or look up Tiki Warriors (make sure you use capitals) :slight_smile:

Yes I wish to move to your club.

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Ok cool. You can try and look us up. Tiki Warriors or I can friend request you on Facebook and invite you to join us. If you would like to add me on Facebook it’s Sharon Lindsay same picture as here. Just send me s PM so I know it’s you. :slight_smile: looking forward to having you in our team.

Our family team, tributes, is looking for SERIOUS players to join our family! Requirements are minimums of 20000 in pts and 325 in tributes each week. Club Quests and reading chats are important as communication is a team’s assest. Please check us out if serious. Thanks! Beth B