Diamond league recruiting ASAP

Club name sonnyandkelly are you recruiting we are a diamond league club we have 2 spots available what can hit our goals what we ask 35 k a week 5 k a day and over 250 tributes a week. Also max on all quests.
If think that and also can do club competition and do your share with digs too we also do that so lots of gems and rewards in our fun friendly club also we get all 7 perks every week and also around 8th to 10th in diamond league too so get a 1000 gems from that too. If like the sound of that send request to sonnyandkelly and if before uk time 5PM you will be able to help on competition

I’m interested, my club doesn’t do anything

Me too I’m interested Noel bellino

Aee you still looking for a club and can you hit around 35k a week and over 250btributes a week also max on quests

Hello are you still looking for club and can you reach around 35k plus and over 250 tributes and max all quests??

I looked for your club, but couldn’t find it. I’m an active player, looking for a club with active participants

We are called sonnyandkelly we in diamond do you reach over 35k a week