Diamond Club needs YOU

DJ’s club is looking for one solid,dependable, committed TEAM PLAYER. We are currently Platinum having to drop down from Diamond level over the holidays. Chat is essential! We communicate strategy, congratulate achievements, cheer our teammates on and share life happenings (only share personal life happenings at your discretion of course). We’ve bonded and have become a family. We have a FB page, as well as a group chat to further communicate and share tips, announce new players, list our team achievements, congratulate top performers, the occasional rant and much more. We get Goldie typically by Sunday, routinely get the bonus Perk chests, complete all Tribute CQs and those CQs selected by our leader.We opt out of those CQs that are tedious and prizes “not worth it” and focus on Club Points or tributes instead. Competition is optional, but we have a strategy and if you qualify you must follow it- no random digging.When we do, we nearly always get first and sometimes second. The best part is the FUN! We laugh when the keyboard works against us and *** out words that it evidently doesn’t like but are completely harmless like a point total! We have friendly competitions within the team that brings about many LOL moments. If you think you would be a good fit for DJs, please respond to this note and we can look for you in our inbox.Jumpers and Hoppers need not apply! :grin:
Can’t wait to meet you!

I’m ready to join DJ’s club. DDD

Great! What is your game name? Request join and we’ll look for you !