Diamond club needs 2 great players! Relaxd and Fun!

I inherited my club last year. Over that time we have worked to make a club who wins but who also understands life sometimes happens, so we have tried to make our goals attainable for all our members.

Our rules are as follows:


  1. Read & post “read rules” in chat
  2. Mins 10k Sun night/30k end
  3. Minimum 150 tributes/week
  4. Max quests/type “maxed” in chat
  5. Newbies 1,500 before idle
  6. Read & participate in chat daily
  7. Activate club gifts
  8. Have Fun!

We expect new players to score 4K/day if they join on Sat or later. If you need time off from making minimum or need to be idle for a few days just let us know!

Our club name is Relaxd and Fun. Please search us up and join us!