***Diamond Club in need of TEAM PLAYERS Urgently!***

PerkPros is a Diamond club that is in need of 4 solid TEAM players. We just had to boot a few people because they were not playing tributes, going to chat or playing for the Gems in the club competition. We are not strict but do ask that you play tributes - especially when it is a club quest, goal is 7500 club points a day, 2k before 1st idle, let us know if you are going to have idle time over 13 hours - it doesn’t mean you get booted, we just like communication. When joining, please immediately read rules and go to chat and let us know you agree. We have a good core base, just looking for a few more loyal people to join our family and work together!

I am a daily player, collect tributes and am good at completing my part of club quest. However, I admit I am not good at chatting. I will try to participate in more chats.

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Marsha, it is the only way we have to communicate with our team members. That is why require everyone to go to chat. We need to know you understand what is going on, that’s all!