Diamond chest...

I am wondering what is usually in the diamond chest. I just completed the 50 stars to get diamond chest and i swear there were chests in it…but none showed up for me to claim! Did the diamond chest have addl chests in it or did i imagine it?

And if it did…who do i contact to get my chests?


You did not imagine it, BUT you don’t always receive smaller chests in the diamond chests. It’s about a slightly better than 50% chance that you will receive a chest.

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When you buy a diamond chest from the Store with gems, this is what is it says it should contain

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If that particular chest did indeed have other chests inside it, you would find them in your inbox.

I could have sworn i saw 2 smaller chests but…they were not in my inbox. :frowning:

@GracieLynn does this mean you get coins as well as the 10 reward cards in the diamond chest? Or, that the reward cards are valued between 48k-163k?