Determined to be the best

First of_all
Good Day To You
Second , this is the first game Since Donkey Kong that I have been saddicted too (haha)

I never in my life thought I would actually monetarily invest in an online recreational enjoyment
But I have
This game causes u to strive to be better with all the quests and goals and I LOVE IT
I need a strong team.
I feel like a lone wolf where I have started
What are the steps to becoming part of a great team that I can assist to keep strong and be rewarded?


Right there with you, I’m looking for a solid team to call home. Let me know if you find one!


Maybe we should start our own!

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Check out sunnys island in a leader of I also feel the same way except paperboy instead of donkey Kong lol I’ve played lots n game n I love this one but we are looking for someone like you most of our teams stays when recruited by higher players we like the our club that much although I am looking for a few strong players SUNNYS ISLAND MIGHT BE YOUR FAMILY LET ME KNOW. VIA fb jeni Johnson from Indiana

ARose your welcome to check us out also I am thinking I’m in need for 2 possible 3 new players as of now thank you

I’m down, but need to build up $ because we might be slow to complete perks initially

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That’s fine we don’t expect lot first week getting to know each other some and we are on perk 5 now the 4 n then done with 1-6 .now look me up on fb jeni Johnson from Indiana pic is me Mickey mouse n gbaby n we will get you in both if wanted I think you’ll enjoy our club n have fun with us

TeamLee has a few openings. We are looking for people who will play and not idle a long time. We have a no idle for more than 18 hours, and you need 21,000 weekly points. We would live to have you. If interested message me, and I will send you an invite. We are also a public team. Once we get a full team that is going to stay with us, we will make it invite only.

Thus far this week. Most everyone is not even trying. Except for like 4 members.

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You are in a tough position! Like I said, if you would like to join our team just let me know.

A lot of clubs been having this problem I feel . Leaders need to speak up n let them know she will have to cut if not fixed because it’s not fair to other players we know they have lives but they should let leader know what’s going if there gonna be idiol for over time club has rule and not pulling there rule at least .