Delete old Facebook connection

apparently once upon a time I connected my TriPeaks account to Facebook and then forgot about it. Since then I have been playing for years not connected to Facebook and have made lots of progress. I tried to connect to Facebook only to discover that old account. nothing I have tried will get rid of that connection or delete that account and allow me to connect the TriPeaks account I have used for years to my Facebook account. Anyone have suggestions? I can never take advantage of getting coins through Facebook because I can’t connect my active Tripeaks account to Facebook.

Hi @TripeaksTT, welcome to the Forum.
I don’t know of a way to delete that old account, but I don’t see a need for you to do so either. We no longer collect coins from friends through Facebook. That way of coin sharing was replaced by the Friend Center. In other words, you aren’t missing out on anything that I am aware of.


Thanks for responding. That is a great point! I didn’t think about that. I only think about the facebook connection when someone in my club posts that there is something to go get on facebook. I wrote to the company too, but I think it just is not possible. It is odd there is no way to delete your Tripeaks account. I would delete that account completely if I could figure out how. That old account should just end!

It is possible to get the bonuses on Facebook without having Facebook Page.


Thank you!! I tried it and it when right to my current game. Thank you for that tip!

You’re welcome! I’m so glad it worked for you!:grin:

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Why not delete the old Fb account and create a new one and connect the game you are playing now to the new account.