Delay In Claiming Winnings Leads To No Winnings At All

I have several winnings from tournaments over the past several weeks. Today I tried to redeem my winnings from four weeks ago from the Wood League 50th place for 7k coins. The box disappeared, but I did not receive anything. I still have three more weeks of prizes from both the Wood and Rookie League, including gem winnings. Am I going to have the same issue with each of these as well? Please fix this issues. Thank you!

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That does sound very frustrating! I’m not sure we can answer that for you as we’re just fans helping other fans. Definitely put in a help ticket from within in the game using the menu in the top left corner.


I always collect my prizes immediately, but had thought about waiting, so I’m glad you posted this because I won’t change my habit now.


I have held my winnings for several weeks with no problems. I would defi itely put in a help request in the game.