Defrost question

I just got to the penguin level and you need to defrost cards to get tp them. Is there anyway to defrost the cards withput having to pay 6000 coins for the booster? I am not going to be able to go any further in the game because of this. It is so frustrating. Thanks for any help you can give me!

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There is a frost breaker card somewhere in the deck you can wait for it to show up. Its random


They should start also showing up as rewards for completing quests now that you are at that level. It did for me. I got a bunch at once and it helped.


Chris, I have also noticed that several on that level can be beaten without having to use the booster. Just seems like the right card comes up quick enough tho that doesnt happen every time!


I have also experienced that

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You can also use the golden tiki to defrost a card