Dear Guest ......

Dear Guest, I received your request to join one of our clubs. However, when I tried to look to see if you would fit in our club, I saw 4 members in your club named Guest - with current points ranging from 300 to 19,000 points. Not knowing which Guest was requesting, I had to trash the request. Sorry

PS, pick a more unique name!

Tap on your profile pic (top left corner), then the pencil next to your name to change it!


Good one Cindy! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I do exactly the same thing!

Hi Cindy
Just received your message, im not aware of requesting to join your club, as also my name is on there as me wend Bournemouth im not named as a guest and have no clue how i would join a club as “guest” so trashing it would be the norm i take it.

I wonder why Guest doesn’t like to use his/her name? Maybe he/she likes to be a member of umpty nine clubs ???

Idk why you say I am listed under ‘guest’. I was literally just in my profile and my user name is Darlene_Calvosa. Actually that’s always been my user name…

For those who are wondering - all new players are named Guest, until they edit their name in the game.

To edit your name, tap on the your profile pic (top left corner), then next to your name, tap on the pencil (edit button).

For those who have name other than guest, this post wasn’t directed to you. I’m sorry if you thought it was. :innocent: